This wonderful cute kitten stock like a magnet to everyone he met and thus he was not left alone

A kitten has set himself the goal of winning the love of a puppy.

The kitten has made it her goal to win the puppy’s love, as she is determined to never be alone again.

He omitted the phrase “like cats and dogs” in reference to the supposed enmity between cats and dogs in his prayers. More than ever, we are aware of its mythical nature.

Homeless kitten Andrzej was taken from the street and given to a shelter in Pruszkow, Poland. He desperately needed someone to notice him and warm him up in a loving new home.

Magdalena, a woman who adopted two dogs named Dres and Michael Scott, as well as a cat, Malaika, came to the shelter one day and immediately fell in love with Andrzej.

He was a timid cat who preferred to sleep, but, having matured, came out of his shell and became, according to Magdalena, the most courageous and cheerful kitten in the world.

A small black kitten wearing a mask approached Malaika as soon as he heard his squealing and gently hugged him until they both fell asleep together.

Malaika immediately took care of Andrzej and surrounded him with love. Although the new cat was a clump of activity, his new girlfriend was willing to put up with all his antics.

In the meantime, Andrzej was very happy floating in the cloud, knowing that he would always have a friend to play with, cuddle with and make up for lost time alone.

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