This wonderful cat will never leave her grandmother because she wants to be with her until the last second

A loving cat’s life altered dramatically after meeting the appropriate person.

In early May, the cat was rescued and taken to the Ann Arundel County Animal Care and Control Center in Maryland.

It was a 14 year old gray cat who turned out to be very adorable. He carefully approached each of the site’s volunteers and quickly won their hearts.

While the cute kitten was looking for a permanent home, he was kept in a pleasant and safe environment. Here’s what his guardian had to say about it.

“He loves to be petted and meows when he senses your presence”. He likes to sunbathe by the window and touch the sofa, but prefers to be around people, giving and receiving a lot of attention.

Just seeing someone dozing in a chair or other piece of furniture is enough to make them run up and snuggle up to you.

Due to pet regulations that allow tenants to keep pets, LL Cool J (now Raven) can live with her.

Raven quickly became friends with his grandmother, who jumped convulsively to her feet, curled up in her arms.

With their mutual understanding and deep love, they have become an inseparable couple that melts everyone.

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