This wonderful cat knocks on the neighbor’s door thinking that they can help her

This cat knows when she needs to knock on the door to get entry to the house.

Mama is a kind puppy who has made friends with her neighbors and has the sweetest godparents to hang out with while she’s away. And the fact is that from the moment he met his neighbors, this fluffy and delicate ball of hair did not miss a day.

He knows when to knock on the door or open the window to enter the house.

Every day, the cute puppy visits the property and waits patiently in the yard if the doors are closed, but as soon as he sees someone there, he runs to the door and several other windows and continues to meow softly until they let him in. in him.

Mama’s neighbors, with whom she meets regularly, claim that the kitten appeared in the yard out of nowhere, and when she saw them, she ran up to them, demanding attention, as if she had known them for many years.

The kitten’s sweetness was too much for the neighbors, and they quickly succumbed to her charms, opening doors and offering her treats.

Little did they know that this chance encounter would become a habit for the kitten, who has been visiting them regularly ever since.

Lovely neighbors were surprised by this

Mama, a gorgeous fluffy white kitten, is patient when she doesn’t see the neighbors playing in the garden, or just likes to wait for them on the couch. However, when he hears something inside the house, he turns around to get their attention.

Mama understands that the wait is worth it, because from the moment the neighbors open the door for her, she becomes the favorite of the house.

And, of course, if they usually get it with snacks, it only adds to their joy.

He visits his second home when he wants to indulge in some pleasure or pamper himself even more, where he is sure to be welcomed with all the love in the world.

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