This unique cat that was born with “mustache” has captured the attention of the entire Internet

This cat has lately become popular for a mustache-like mark over her mouth.

At birth, kittens have a different fur pattern. And it is precisely because of this differentiation that they are unique, even obvious. Mostaccioli’s cat recently went viral on Instagram due to a mustache-like mark on her mouth.

If you go to Mostaccioli’s Instagram page, you’ll find hundreds of photos that her owner Natalie has been posting since the cat was a baby. According to the owner, Mostaccioli was found in the owner’s garden along with a wild cat and three other siblings.

At that time, she did not plan to take care of the babies because they were too young and their mother was overprotective of them.

However, she quickly realized that Mostacchioli, the smallest toddler, had a problem. She noticed that the cat was not eating well, so she began to supplement her diet. Natalie immediately noticed Mostacchioli’s whiskers when the cats grew up.

Let’s take a look at our precious angel when she was little.

Mostacchioli is now a healthy and happy cat, one year and four months after they first met. She is not afraid to pose and loves to be photographed.

Izanami, the woman’s friendly sister, and Mostaccioli’s cat share her life. Follow Instagram for more photos.

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