This sweet dog tirelessly followed this woman until he finally had a caring family

This dog chased the woman for several kilometers waiting for her to react.

There are people who treat their pets well, take care of them and show them due attention, but there are also those who share this love by helping other animals that are defenseless.

A young woman from the US is dedicated to collecting stray puppies and finding new ones, although she also takes them into her home.

This was the case with Venus, the puppy, who completely moved him after he had chased her for hours and waited for her answer for several kilometers.

Of course, she could not hide what was happening and decided to take care of this charming dog.

Through her TikTok account, Marcy shared what happened when she met Venus. It turns out that the young woman decided to take her two dogs for a walk in the woods, but in the middle of her long journey, she noticed a dog slowly chasing them.

The animal without hesitation chased after the family, and although Marcy was scared at first, she soon realized that this puppy was just looking for a family.

So, with the tenacity that this puppy pursued and added to his love of animals, this animal lover couldn’t give up the dog’s need for love and decided to take her in.

“The moment I stroked him, he went crazy and didn’t leave us until the end of the journey”.

Finally, Venus managed to find a place to live, and the sad story of its abandonment had a happy ending.

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