This puppy was left alone due to a nervous problem, but a caring couple did not abandon him

Fortunately, this dog didn’t have to wait long to find a loving family.

Due to an illness that prevented him from moving, the puppy was abandoned by his first owners. Luckily, he didn’t have to wait long to find a loving, caring, and dedicated foster family to help him overcome his disability.

Stranded overnight without a family due to a neurological problem, Hugo was rescued by a couple who believed in him and wanted to do whatever it took to lead a normal life.

Hugo was still a small puppy when his previous owners found out that this young American Staffordshire Terrier had ”floating puppy syndrome”.

Dogs with this disease cannot stand or walk while they are growing. They move in floating motions.

The young dog ended up at the shelter, but shortly after his arrival, the foster family that runs the Tucker Farm, a shelter in Tucker, Georgia (southern USA), adopted him.

The couple created an entire program to help them gain mobility and lead a normal life.

They made Hugo do leg strengthening exercises, then the little dog was treated with hydrotherapy and swimming.

Hugo has made remarkable progress. At the same time, he became more and more confident, especially thanks to the other dogs in the house, who calmed him down and served as an example.

A few months later, he was able to walk and even climb stairs.

Finally, he could enjoy full walks with friends. Hugo also became an educated and socialized companion. It is high time for him to take the next step: adoption.

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