This Multifunctional Artist Amazes Everyone With His Works! Just Look At These Photos!

The real artist passes a pack of emotions through drawings.

An artist who became famous for drawing on food on cutting boards has started a new project. Now he depicts hyper-realistic animals, still using wood as a canvas. Adorable dogs and cats look really realistic!

Ivan Hoo has been specializing in eye-deceiving paintings for many years. Previously, he was fond of sketching food and ordinary household items that people use every day. Now pets are in his field of vision. It is amazing that the author makes all these realistic drawings with pastel pencils. He always uses the same format, choosing planks of light, smooth wood. It takes about one week to make each drawing, and the line of clients who want to get a portrait of their pet is rapidly growing.

Гиперреалистичные портреты питомцев.


Portraits of pets in hiperrealism style

Рисунки собак и кошек в стиле гиперреализм.Портреты питомцев в стиле гиперреализм.Портрет пса в стиле гиперреализм.Необычные рисунки от Ivan Hoo.

Extraordinary drawings by Ivan Hoo

Would you like to have your pet’s drawing by this amazing artist?


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