This lonely and street dog ends up in a family with a little cute cat and they became happy

One day this woman discovered the stray dog on her porch.

We don’t always get to choose our pets. Sometimes they do. Patch was a drifter who chose to show up and never leave when we first got him.

The game ended after we took him to the vet. Now there was no going back. He chose us and we were going to adopt him. Megan and her family experienced the same thing when a stray dog ​​unexpectedly showed up at their home.

One day she found a stray dog ​​on her porch. At first she paid no attention to it.

According to The Dodo, he saw the dog in the area, but didn’t attach much importance to it at first because they live in the middle of nowhere. “Country dogs” are not uncommon.

But then Megan noticed that the dog looked a little thin, like he wasn’t as groomed as she thought.

The next day, he stayed outside her house, much to her surprise. And he seemed really weak. It became clear to her that he was most likely a drifter who needed help.

However, she did not immediately bring the dog home, because she needed to think about the safety of her other pets first.

However, she took the dog to the vet and spayed him. He was given the name Roman. Roman quickly established himself as a permanent resident of their court without leaving anywhere.

Every day he sat on the street and waited for the return of his family, he even kept their property. Roman got along with their other dog and became part of the family.

But his adoption was not without surprises. Megan was in for another surprise when Roman arrived with a new guest, a cat.

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