This lonely and abandoned cat came to his wife and just 2 days later gave birth to 2 wonderful kittens

Desperate for a safe place to birth and raise her kittens, a cat found a volunteer.

Kathy is a volunteer with Stry Cat Relief, a charity that helps cats in need in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

At the end of March, she saw a stray tortoiseshell cat near her workplace. She knew she needed help.

The animal, in fact, had a very round belly. Her pregnancy was clearly late. He approached Cathy very easily as he tells Love Meow;

The volunteer couldn’t take it because it didn’t have a shipping box. She called the association, who sent someone to help.

Cathy kept the kitten busy for over an hour while waiting for her to arrive.

After Kathy was taken into the care of stray cat rescuers, she became her adoptive mother. A cat named Priscilla was pleased with the attention and good food.

She also looked hungry. She had a wonderful night, enjoying comfort and security she had probably never known.

The next day, Cathy noticed that Priscilla wasn’t eating. ”She was excited too.”

My instincts told me that she was in labor. Around 1:30 a.m., a volunteer woke up to check on her and was pleasantly surprised to find the first two kittens the cat had just given birth. 4 more followed.

“When I got back around 7:30, she immediately rolled over on her back, as if to show me her babies.”

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