This little miracle dog has become a caring bodyguard for his big blind dog

This tiny dog above all became a guide for the blind dog.

Much smaller and larger than his companion, Toby warmly greeted Amos, the blind dog, upon his arrival home. He also and above all became a conduit for the latter, without the encouragement of his mistress.

Despite being blind, Amos enjoys hiking and a series of wild adventures thanks to another dog named Toby, according to the Daily Star.

Amos, a 4-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier mix, was born completely blind at the Cheshire Dog Shelter in the North West of England. She was one of three animals that survived his puppies.

Jess Martin, a Cheshire dog shelter volunteer, initially acted as a foster mother for these dogs. However, she loved him so much that she decided to adopt him forever.

The last one is a Border Terrier that Jess Martin adopted 11 years ago. His mistress was afraid of his reaction to Amos’ arrival, although Toby was always kind and kind to everyone. He participated in fundraising events for the association and was a therapy dog ​​for people with dementia.

Caring and dedicated guide, both daily and during the hike

Toby not only accepted Amos’ presence, but helped him adjust to his new surroundings from the moment they met.

He seemed to understand that Amos needed support.

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