This little lonely cat was sitting in the middle of the street, impatiently waiting for its kind owner

A kitten sitting in the middle of the road had a life-saving encounter.

The driver stopped and took the kitten home for treatment.

Kiersten, who works at a veterinary clinic, was driving to a friend’s house when she noticed a helpless little cat sitting on the road. The young woman immediately stopped and took the animal in distress.

“A couple of cars honked at me,” she told Lovemew, “as soon as I put her in my car, she curled up in my arms and started growling.”

The driver tried to find his possible owner on social networks. Alas, no one claimed this. Kiersten also returned to the place where she met the baby to see if there were other comrades wandering around.

At about 4 weeks old, the survivor was infected with parasites, including intestinal worms. His benefactor decided to take care of him until she found the perfect home for him, ready to protect and love him forever.

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