This little cat with crooked paws and cute ears loves his family very much and cuddles with them every day

A kitten with crooked legs and bear ears wanted find the ideal household.

A tiny kitten with crooked front paws and bear ears arrived at the Friends for Life rescue network in Los Angeles, California in early April hoping to find the perfect home.

“She was born with a pinched ligament and tendon in both front wrists, which caused her legs to twist”.

Mel Lamprey and her husband Zane volunteer at the shelter helping an adorable cuddly cat named Quill who loves to cuddle and turned to his adoptive parents right away.

Quill began physical therapy several times a day to rehabilitate her legs.

Jacqueline said:

“Her wrists are warmed with a heating pad. They are then massaged and stretched to relax the tendons and ligaments in the hope of realigning the developing bones”.

Quill will be given splints weekly to further increase his range of motion. She is incredibly brave in the face of these challenges and doesn’t seem to think she’s any different.

Mel and Zane have a big cat named Chester, they took care of her from the very beginning, when Chester met a little girl, she immediately adopted her and kept her clean and took care of her like a good big brother, always attentive to her.

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