This kind caring woman saved the little wombat’s life and they became true inseparable friends

Thanks to the kindness of a complete stranger, the wombat was rescued.

The woman was driving when she saw the car hit the wombat. Unfortunately, the wombat’s mother didn’t survive, but the baby in her pouch was alive and moving.

Thanks to the kindness and compassion of a complete stranger, an adorable and playful little wombat named Pumpkin has a second chance at life.

Tash spotted a wombat that had been hit on a road in South Australia. She stopped and checked, but there was no hope for her mother.

But when she looked into her mother’s bag, she found an orphaned baby wombat. Tash named the baby Pumpkin and took her home.

Luckily, Tash lived on a farm and had experience caring for lambs, which saved Pumpkin’s life.

The pumpkin thrived under Tash’s care, but soon became too destructive for Tash, so she unfortunately took it to the Sanctuary of Two Songs, where she knew the wombat would not only survive, but thrive.

Linda and Bronte run the sanctuary.

Ultimately, 27 kangaroos, eight wombats, two ponies and several dogs were taken care of at the reserve.

Linda, a mother and grandmother, enjoys being surrounded by adorable animals.

All of the creatures were delivered to Linda and Bronte by the Good Samaritans, who saved them from an emergency. Pumpkin is no different.

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