This kind and caring owner built a ladder for his 15-year-old dog so she could easily climb into her bed

The man with a big heart does everything to make his old friend’s life easier.

A man from Illinois (USA) made it his mission to help his dog Peanuts live a stress-free life. To do this, he specially built small stairs to facilitate access to the bed.

Mike Dulian showed love and kindness to his faithful four-legged companion. A man with a big heart does everything to make life easier for his old friend. At almost 15 years of age, the effects of aging begin to be felt in peanuts.

Every night, the female dog has a habit of sleeping with a loved one in her bed.

Although she was very energetic and athletic in her youth, Peanut now has difficulty getting up and sitting down. The fur ball has already fallen, trying to jump onto cozy blankets …

It was obvious to Mike to find a solution to improve the living conditions of who he considers “the center of his universe”.

“She was always allowed to climb on chairs, a sofa, a bed, and she has several pots,” the American told Teamdogs.

To facilitate access to the large bed, he decided to build a small staircase. The 41-year-old engineer used his skills to design a 3D model inspired by photos he found on Pinterest.

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