This kind and caring man not only saved the dog from the fire but also became his best friend

An American firefighter has saved the life of a dog twice.

First by pulling him out of a burning building, then by becoming his new owner and best friend, saving him from euthanasia.

Upon learning that their dog’s health had been badly damaged by the fire and that he needed expensive medical treatment, his family demanded that he be euthanized.

The fireman who saved him couldn’t do it. He decided to be her new father, according to People.

This allowed the animal to regain consciousness, but it is still not out of danger. On examination, the city veterinarian found he had significant injuries.

At that time, he informed his master and explained that he needed to undergo expensive medical treatment in order to save himself. Otherwise, they would have put him to sleep.

They chose the 2nd option. Malcolm Cortner didn’t think so at all.

He offered to take the dog and pay for its treatment. His request was granted, and the dog, which he named George, was cured.

Today, George is in good health, with a new home and a loving new family, the family of the man who saved his life.

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