«This is the reason for such reactions»: all fans are constantly attacking the Kaley profile

 «This is the reason for such reactions»: all fans are constantly attacking the Kaley profile

Fans were halted in their tracks by this image.

If you did not know, Kaley Cuoco likes to dress like a proud member of Bachelor National.

The actress from the Big Bang Theory was asked to pay tribute to her beloved celebrity on a small screen for the second annual television portfolio W. While other performers preferred to portray characters from famous programs such as Schitt’s Creek, The Morning Show, and Fleabag, Kaley chose Play participant Bachelorette.

In a red dress with sequins to the floor and a deep neckline, the flight attendant’s star was dazzling. She held out the only red rose, looking directly into the camera as a tribute to the reality show program. Fans were stunned by this image.

Composing her appearance, Kaley said in an interview with the magazine that Kaitlin Bristow had come to mind. The former Canadian instructor of Spin Class Kaitlin was originally a member of the 19th season of the Bachelor, and later she rose to the position of the leading 11th season of the Bachelor.

«I found an outfit that personified the bachelorette party. Bright raspberry clothing was discovered. We received roses, and I was beside myself with joy», Kayley told the source in the media.

As far as I remember, I was a passionate and devoted fan of the «bachelor», «bachelor» and «bachelor in paradise». In Bachelor in Paradise, I’m plunging. In fact, it annoys me that a 24-hour viewing of a «bachelor in paradise» in the style of big brother has not yet taken place.

Kaley previously publicly expressed her devotion to Bachelor National. She was delighted with Ben Higgins in 2016 during The Bachelor Live After Show. After Kaley could not independently understand the crowded telephone lines, Blake personally invited her to Skype.

She said: «I never was speechless, I do not know what to say! » «Ben, you are the most charming bachelor in the world».