This is the perfect friendship: this wild duck saw a dog and they became the best perfect friends

Despite their differences, they know how to love and accompany each other.

Friendship between two animals of different species is simply one of the most charming things in the world.

Despite their differences, they know how to love and accompany each other. An example worthy of emulation for people.

McGee is an adorable six year old puppy. His owner, Evan Hastings, actually describes him as “a wonderful, friendly dog ​​with no bodily problems”.

So when the duck that lives in the pond behind his house saw him and didn’t let him go, it didn’t surprise him at all.

The sweet, generous dog didn’t seem to mind that his feathered friend was a little clingy.

“I think the duck got lonely and started stalking McGee and then they became best friends”, Hastings said.

The duck, nicknamed Daffy, now spends his days basking in the sun with McGee.

He is constantly trying to get McGee’s attention, and the dog is incredibly patient. He even shares his food with Daffy every morning and eats from the same bowl.

“During the day, McGee will lie in the grass with the duck on his back. I think McGee will get upset after a while because the duck won’t stop pecking at him for some reason”, Evan added.

The couple swims together for hours, jumping into the pond. Daffy doesn’t leave McGee even at night.

“I have two beagle dogs, and I let them out at night, and the duck chases them to the kennel.

For some reason, the duck doesn’t want the hounds around McGee”, he added.

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