This is the great news: at the zoo Chester 90 years later, a cute aardvark was born

Chester Zoo is delighted with the celebration of the birth of his first aardvark.

Congratulations on the successful arrival of this beautiful precious treasure.

Fantastic news, it is so cute in ugly!! Congratulations to the Chester Zoo!!!

Nature security experts discovered a newly arrived who pressed his eight -year -old mother. Currently, every night the zoo caretakers feed him manually, taking care of him, feeding the cub every few hours at night for about five weeks to help him gain strength.

This is good, but also sad that animals evolve in order to successfully give birth to babies in captivity.

The staff called the boy Dobby because of his resemblance to Harry Potter’s beloved character.

Aardvarks live in the countries of Africa south of Sahara, where they are threatened by the loss of habitat as a result of the development of agriculture, which also leads to conflicts with local farmers.

Night animals use their long noses and sharp sense of smell to sniff out ants and termites, which they varnish with a long tongue up to 25 cm, covered with sticky saliva.

With their powerful claws, they dig underground burrows in which they sleep.

This is the very first trumpeter born in the zoo, and therefore it is an important milestone.

Congratulations on a special birth! He is precious!

Aardvarks are rather secretive creatures, which are mainly always active only in the dark, so some aspects of their life remain relatively unknown. Caring for such species as aardvarks, in zoos allows us to learn more about them-about how they live, about their behavior and biology.

It is so surprising how a child loves his mother from the very beginning.

This new calf joins the environmental breeding program, in which only a few zoos around the world participates.

Congratulations, carefully follow this tiny pet !!

God bless the God of these wonderful representatives of His appearance. Welcome to the world, baby!

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