This is really funny: the fox stole one of the toys and the displeased dog looks helplessly

The dog, with a nasty surprise, discovered that the fox had grabbed one of his toys.

When she was about to go out to have some fun in the garden, the dog, with an unpleasant surprise, found that her cousin had beaten her to it. The fox grabbed one of her toys. Funny scene filmed and shared.

Lupe is an extremely friendly dachshund/chihuahua mix. Very friendly, full of energy and playful, she is always happy to meet new people and never misses an opportunity to have fun.

One of her favorite activities is hand-handling her toys in the garden of her master’s house. She likes to carry them around, swing and catch them.

However, even if she does take care of her toys, she often leaves them outside when she’s done with them. An oversight that can cost several failures.

That is exactly what happened to her here. Lupe was going to go out on her lawn to have a good time, but she had to abandon her plans.

In fact, she noticed that the unexpected guest had taken over her favorite patch of grass, in this case a fox. The “intruder” in question did not simply appropriate the playground; she also borrowed her toy.

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