This is of course fine: the cute reunion of a caring person with an elephant that he once saved

 This is of course fine: the cute reunion of a caring person with an elephant that he once saved

How cute, they know who loves and cares about them and this is so wonderful.

Elephants have a great memory, and so this elephant with this elephant is so grateful to the people who love her, and therefore the most precious thing she has, she wants to share it with them.

Yatta is an orphaned elephant grown in Kenya David Sheldrick’s wildlife with a wildlife fund. She lived there for ten years since 1999, and then returned to the desert.

Yatta never forgets the people who took care of her after she left the reserve more than eight years ago. As a result, she decided to pay them an unexpected visit. Only this time she was not alone, but with her was her newborn calf.

The educators did not lose and even called the baby Yoyo. It seems that Yatta also gave birth to her first child, a female named Yatta.

Rob Brandford caretaker shares: she is a proud mother. And as a sign of absolute confidence and affection, she brought her new child to meet with the people who saved her.

Brandford proudly said: «We not only saved the baby-orphan and raised it, but she successfully returned to the wild and created her own family». For elephants, the family is everything, therefore it is not surprising that they decided to share their new family member with their former guardians, because they are part of their family!

Despite the fact that orphaned elephants often return to where they grew up, the caretakers say that it is always amazing. And it is really surprising to see how these wild animals share special moments with people who took care of them. Like Yatta.

Imagine our joy when she decided to divide her second birth with us, returning to her previous picket fence and her human family so that we can take part in the celebration of the birth of her new baby-a wonderful little boy!

It is so wonderful and caring that she trusts those who saved her enough to show them their child. She is a very loving mother.

The beautiful mother of the elephant says thanks for the salvation of her life. Such knowledgeable animals.

How absolutely precious and amazing. What a special moment.

May God grant both of them to their health. Bless all the people who care about these beautiful animals.

This is so neat! Elephants emotionally react to many things.

At least 49 wild calves were returned to meet with men who raised their orphaned mothers.