This is great: this cute elephant made his sprayer from a broken water pipe

This baby elephant is having a wonderful ball in her own home.

This bad thing can sometimes be fun for others, especially for children who have a magical ability to find joy in the worst of circumstances!

The natural park of elephants was founded in the 1990s in the province of Chiang -Mai, North Thailand, to save and rehabilitate elephants and provide land for their healthy herds of elephants to enjoy the natural landscape. There are many other animals except elephants.

On that day, the park, while the park employees tried to fix it, Wan Mai decided to take advantage of the situation. She turned an ordinary park into her own water park!

The children’s elephant admires to play with the broken water pipe!

She began to stomp through the rapid water with the dexterity of a child, spraying in a puddle in rainbow boots. She runs back and forward to him, her torso sways. She even tried to stand at the top of this to try to stop the water!

The children’s elephant looks like a human child, cheerful in a fountain!

Here is the video below:

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