This is great: the Chicago zoo happily announces the birth of a new baby porcupine

 This is great: the Chicago zoo happily announces the birth of a new baby porcupine

The Brookfield Zoo welcomes a new member, a charming new porcupine.

The Chicago Zoo said that on March 19, Lucia, a 9-year-old porcupine, gave birth to a porcupine cub. Immediately after Lucia gave birth, the guardians began to observe her interaction with the newborn. It is a pity that Lucia did not show proper maternal behavior towards her baby. Therefore, the zoo decided to take care of the porcupine.

Experienced professionals who love this little angel so love for the baby will be careful!

An animals care experts of the Brookfield Zoo are already providing round -the -clock assistance to a newborn animal who had not yet been named the name and did not name the floor. But a sweet name will soon be given a sweet name soon!

Special care includes regular feeding from a bottle with a special mixture designed to facilitate the healthy development of porcupine.

The zoo will eventually excommunicate the young porcupine from the formula. At ten weeks, prickly youth can eat hard food, such as peanuts, sunflower seeds, spinach, patch beans, corn, carrots and so on.

Like a newborn in the Brookfield Zoo, tenacious porcupine is a native of high -mountain tropical forests of South America. The newborn porcupines, according to the press release of the zoo, have “soft and flexible needles that protect mom during childbirth”, which become gestured a few days after birth. The needles will hardly harden and become a protective shield for a hedgehog!

The hedgehog now comfortably settled in the arms of the caretaker and is very attached to it. They give him milk and hug him like a child!

So cute tiny and sweet. Bless them for the salvation of these defenseless little animals!