This is a wonderful and kind thing: this veterinarian treats homeless animals for free

It’s nice to see that there are veterinarians who care about homeless animals.

Doctors are real angels, although they have no wings behind them!

Dr. Stewart Kwane, a veterinarian-hero who spends most of his time, trying to save homeless animals, which is also one of the reasons why he seeks to become a veterinarian. Homeless Californians call him a “street veterinarian” because he always helped them with pets for free.

The homeless already difficult life, and the inability to help his beloved four -legged friend, when he is sick, completely breaks his heart. Fortunately, Dr. Kwane arrived and does everything possible to help them.

I practice advanced medicine for customers who can afford all this. But then I was thrown into this economic war, and people could not even help their pets: Dr. Kwane explained, and he decided to begin to help people who have difficulty providing animals of stray people, he wants to change the world for the best .

Since 2011, he takes the streets of California, offering free procedures, opening free dining rooms and offering free medical examinations. He did not expect that so many people line up to see him.

Dr. Kwane quickly realized that his services were in great demand, and now he spends his weekend, walking and offering his services for free, as well as treating various ailments on the spot.

However, not all of them are in a mild form, but for animals in a more serious condition, Dr. Kwane is ready to pay for medical bills and everything else, so that they remain healthy. He even pays for the operation and other serious procedures that can cost several thousand dollars. Fortunately, he has a GoFundMe account, which allows him to continue his good work!

Many homeless people rely on their pets as love and communication, and they cannot survive without them. The compassion, experience and dedication of Dr. Kwane saved the lives of a countless number of people and their pets.

Dr. Kwane does an outstanding job, and we hope that many veterinarians are inspired by his actions. Let’s hope that no one will lose his 4-lap friend because he cannot afford to take him to the veterinarian!

Thanks for the fact that you are such a kind, caring loving person !!!! Such a good person! These animals are so happy that the veterinarian takes care of them! Be healthy!

Your heart is full of love for animals, and you show it. Thanks to him.

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