This householder made a masterpiece from a table. The creativity is above the limits!

If you really want to do something nothing can stop you

The age is not enough to throw away your furniture. You can just switch on your fantasy, follow to instructions of this girl and give the second chance to your furniture. Now it’s not an old and useless furniture but a piece of art.

Старая мебель - лучший материал для авторского проекта.

Betty and Nick are leaving in a house which is 125 years old, that’s why they need to switch on their creativity to give a life to their house. This couple makes magnificent pieces of art from unusable furniture. Everything started from a simple old commode. She wanted to change something on that but didn’t want to paint. So she found alternative way.

Разметка карандашом на отшлифованной поверхности комода.

She used simple pencil to draw some flowers that would become the main pattern of the new design. The concentration was on the colours.

She represented the process of her work.

Работа с морилкой.Морилка растирается сухой тряпицей.

Though she added colours and prints on that table she didn’t want to change much on it.

Лепесток за лепестком - кропотливая работа.Обновлённая поверхность.

Sometimes you don’t need to have appropriate material to create extraordinary things.

После ремонта получился эксклюзивный комод.

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