This girl proved that even wood-transferred photos can help people

Helping people makes life better for everyone. If you have a chance, do a favor and get positive energy.

There are some cases, when people find this or that place by visual memory, focusing their attention on the noticeable things that can help them remember the way.

People living in Clurj are lucky to have townie like Ania Ciotlaus, who is fond of street photography and transferring photos on wood. The essential goal of this gracious girl’s work is helping people to find way to their home by her photos.

Let’s discuss in comments where you have seen this kinds of photos. Do they help you find places easily by visual memory?

cat woodprint

balconies woodprint

cottage woodprints

black white woodprints

bike woodprint

woman phone woodprint

public phone woodprint


painted woodprint

house woodprints


outdoor woodprint

outdoor woodprints

Source: Facebook

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