This dog with a heart problem is already traveling the world in the bag of his new caring owner

This dog traveled the world thanks to a woman determined to give him a chance.

Huey suffers from several illnesses, but this does not stop him from traveling and discovering thanks to a young woman who decides to give him a chance. Next to her, the four-legged finds new life after being abandoned.

Huey was abandoned by his owners who wanted to mate him with a dog but gave up when they discovered he was ill.

Hughie had a sister, Penelope, who also suffered from heart disease. Unfortunately, the dog recently died. Moving to a veterinary clinic, he met Risa Royce, who worked there. That same evening, she invited him to her house, and since then they have not parted.

Oakley Pit bull, one of the other veterinarian dogs, constantly accompanies them on these exciting adventures. Together they visited the Little Grand Canyon in Georgia and Utah. The next destination will be Colorado.

Huey is truly lucky to have crossed paths with this wonderful young woman.

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