This dog that was rescued in Macedonia traveled 3000 km to be adopted by someone which was his dream

A rescue dog in his 18 months of age has seen him let down time and time again.

18-month-old Benji arrived at Strays Without Borders in Sheffield, UK, but was unable to find a foster family. Many repented at the last moment.

When dogs are left to their own devices, they have to face extreme cold, heat, lack of food and water, and there are many people and organizations willing to work hard to save them from the streets and find them new homes.

And this is not an easy task, because although there are cases when these animals are almost immediately adopted by families who want to adopt them, sometimes it happens that dogs are left unattended.

There are many factors for this. Families are sometimes not interested in a kitten due to health conditions, personality, or even age. There are people who are looking exclusively for young dogs, especially puppies.

This is exactly what happened to Benji, a rescue dog who, at the age of 18 months, saw himself let down on numerous occasions.

This animal was thrown into the street by a Macedonian family along with their teachers. After being rescued and driving 2,000 miles to Sheffield, UK, he had to spend more than a year looking for a home, reports the Mirror.

According to Holly Bryant, a Stray Without Borders shelter volunteer, Benji was close to finding a ”forever home” shortly before Christmas. “He was so excited to meet his new mom yesterday, but he never showed up,” she elaborated.

Meanwhile, this little dog, who had to travel many miles and spend months from shelter to shelter, just wants to find a family to end the year beautifully.

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