This dog seemed a little funny to the guy, but the animal’s story changed everything

 This dog seemed a little funny to the guy, but the animal’s story changed everything

Fortunately this dog was found in time by caring people.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the eyes are truly the window to the soul. These popular claims are perfectly supported by the story of a one and a half year old shepherd dog and his owner Joel Werman.

The dog was homeless in Romania, but a few months later disaster struck. The animal failed to avoid a collision with a train. And, although the dog survived the blow, the frontal bones and muzzle were crushed.

The stricken mestizo was left lying next to the railroad tracks and would have died without emergency help. Fortunately, caring people found her in time and took her to the mobile station of the veterinary association.

The charity gave the dog a second chance and named it Moaka, which means “muzzle” in Romanian. Doctors fought for the puppy’s life for five hours, but the child had to remove the damaged bones and nose.

Volunteers were unable to return her to the street, fearing that an animal with such serious injuries would not withstand the cold. In addition, the changed appearance of the dog is unlikely to give her a chance to find owners.

Photos of Moaka and her story are posted on the organization’s website in the hope that there will be a kind soul who will give shelter and warmth to the destitute puppy.

And so it happened. A 21-year-old boy from the Netherlands was browsing the site in search of a future pet and came across a photo of a mestizo. Joel’s first reaction was surprise and laughter, at first mistaking Moaka for a strange pigment.

Later, when the boy read about her misfortunes, he felt a lump in his throat, painfully sorry for the animal. He immediately contacted the site administration and said that he wanted to take the dog for himself.

Two and a half weeks later, having completed all the necessary paperwork, Joel met Moaka in his hometown. They celebrated the New Year together. The young man shared that this is the first dog he saved, but he is not going to stop there.

Joel raised money for the association that saved his dog by launching

He is determined to donate some of the money to save other animals, as well as raise the money needed to restore Moaka’s face.