This dog has been waiting for his owner near the hospital for weeks and finally they are together again

This cute and wonderful dog was waiting for someone special.

Last month, staff at the Santo António de Jesus Regional Hospital in Brazil spotted a stray dog loitering quietly outside. The dog looked in excellent condition, but was never with anyone. She was waiting for someone special.

In the weeks that followed, the medical staff decided to feed and water the abandoned dog, which they later learned was called Mel. Mel belonged to a homeless man who was hospitalized for treatment. When the medical staff found out about this, they decided to plan a touching meeting to end the dog’s long vigil.

Mel was very happy to be in the arms of her best friend again. As his therapy continues, she feels relieved that her wait is finally over, at least in part.

Now they can communicate daily. It’s unknown how long Mel’s owner will need to stay in the hospital before he and his dog can be reunited for good, but the team is hoping to send the two home with more support. They created a fundraising page to help them get back on their feet. Although the owner of Mel does not seem particularly wealthy at first glance, it is clear that he is wealthy in other ways.

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