This dog had a favorite ball but once voluntarily parted with it, which was unexpected for the owners

This dog has a yellow ball that the cutie loves very much and often plays with him.

Most people around say: “Get a dog” or “She’ll be fun to be with”. But do not forget that the dog is not only a true friend of man, able to give his loyalty, but also a destructive creature, capable of chewing, drooling and barking. But we are ready to forgive any behavior, looking into these eyes full of love.

Bonnie Michalek from Northern California and her husband are the proud owners of a hefty bullmastiff named Brutus. He came into the family in 2016 when the couple had a house big enough to support such a big dog. This dog is a real thunderstorm of toys: there is no doubt that any toy will be torn to pieces in 5 minutes, as soon as it falls into its strong paws. Bonnie said that Brutus has a fluffy yellow ball, which the cutie loves very much and often plays with it, dragging it into her mouth.

A Northern California couple adopted a bullmastiff named Brutus in 2016.

The cute puppy has grown up.

And he became a real toy storm.

Only the most beloved toy – a yellow fluffy ball – escaped the unfortunate fate.

But, despite his passion for destruction, Brutus is a very kind and faithful dog.

He was especially attached to Bonnie, and she even refers to Brutus as her first child.

The word “first” is mentioned for a reason, because not so long ago the couple had a son, Kaidan.

Not all animals are ready to share the love of their master, but the couple believed that Brutus would love their son and become a good brother for their baby.

Bonnie says that Brutus found out about the pregnancy before she did. He began to sleep, pressing her to his stomach, as if he could feel something.

Because Brutus was considered a “mama’s boy”, Bonnie wanted to carefully prepare him for the changes that would come in their lives.


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Before the birth of the baby, Brutus had to live with Bonnie’s parents for a short time.

When the couple arrived to collect the dog, Bonnie realized that he wanted to be alone before meeting his “brother”.

The dog sniffed the baby and it seemed that they liked each other at first sight.


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Публикация от Brutus (@captainbrutus)

“Today I met my brother! I knew something had changed as soon as my mother came in. I already love him!”

And now they are inseparable!

But the most interesting thing happened when Kaidan began to cry. Brutus grabbed his favorite toy and brought it to the boy.

Apparently, the dog thought that since he likes this ball so much, it will help the child calm down and feel better.

So he drags the toy to Kaidan every time he cries.

He also quietly plays with the baby’s rattles, and the couple hope he shares with cutie Brutus.

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