This dog didn’t leave his blue blanket for a second in his new family, which helped him stay calm

This cute dog adopted from a shelter, was afraid of a lot of things.

Miko, a cute dog adopted from a shelter, is afraid of many things. However, when she is overwhelmed by anxiety, she uses her secret weapon that protects her from everything: her blue blanket.

Miko’s family adopted her when she was still a very fragile little puppy. He lived in an orphanage and needed a loving, warm home.

Thanks to his family, the animal found this peace and love, but could not let go of his fears.

Even today, when she grew up, Miko is afraid of different things.

In fact, there are so many things that scare him that “you never know what might trigger a fear reaction,” his owner Elena tells Dodo.

His hosts wondered how to comfort him in these troubled times. Finally, Miko herself found the solution: a blue blanket.

They gave it to the dog right after he got home and since then it has turned into a cloak of superpower in his eyes.

“Despite the fact that she had a lot of things, she often pulled this blanket off the furniture and dragged it around the house,” says Elena.

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