This deer suddenly appeared at the back door and started asking for help, to which the family came to help

The deer eventually approached and asked for a scratch behind the ears.

Some people call the police to report the inhumane binding of a dog. While on duty, Officer Kevin Zieschang of the Fulshire Police Department in Texas received a similar call, but it was rare.

Someone reported a young deer tied to a tree in the backyard of a newly built home. Construction workers on site were able to free the deer and remove the rope from its antlers before Zieschang arrived.

It was then that Zieschang realized how ordinary his new hoofed companion was. They hoped that the deer would run away, but this was not entirely true.

Finally, the deer approached Zieschang and asked him to scratch his ears.

The antics of the unusually friendly deer were captured on film.

The deer, nicknamed ”Uncle Buck”, was socialized by people who may have fed it, police said.

Uncle Buck just walked up to people and poked and licked their hands as if they were dogs.

He returned to visit me. According to ABC 13, Zieschang said: He made friends with some operators.

Zieschang insists that he does not believe the deer is a pet. He also warned residents not to shoot deer in the city’s backyard.

The police department was concerned about what would happen to the deer if he continued to visit the house while it was under construction.

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