This couple saw this cat and fell in love with him, they adopted him and it was the best choice

It was the best and perfect decision for this couple.

Although Kelsey Gilland and her husband had a friendly dog, they wanted to adopt a cat and decided to go to a shelter and choose one of their own.

Arriving at the shelter, they immediately noticed Oliver, a cute cat, and fell in love with him. But the couple adopted him not immediately. They returned home to carefully consider accepting it.

All night they thought only of Oliver and made the final decision: in the morning to go and adopt him.

And so they did. The charming cat was waiting for his future owners with joy, as he understood that his life would become better.

When Oliver saw the couple, he approached them without hesitation and immediately confided in them.

When they took him home, their beloved dog Paisley welcomed the new member with great pleasure and they have been inseparable ever since.

Now they are true friends and enjoy spending the whole day together. What a wonderful couple!

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