This cat was missing for 2 months, but the camera caught which cat was with the fox

A photo of a fox and a cat allowed the latter to find his family.

A random photo of a fox and an amazing cat face led to the fact that the latter found his family. The owners of the cat were looking for him for almost 2 months.

Carolyn Maddow lives in Saco, Maine (Northeast USA). Passionate about nature and animals, he installed an infrared camera behind his house to monitor the nighttime activity of local wildlife.

He did not expect his device to lead to the reunion of the lost cat and his family, according to Bangor Daily News.

On the afternoon of November 24, the camera captured an amazing scene. a completely peaceful meeting of a cat and a fox. The two animals were only a few centimeters apart and were watching each other.

Over the past month, the cat has been seen several times in the neighborhood. Carolyn Maddow was afraid that she would have a bad date. So when he saw the goupil’s attitude towards him, he felt relieved.

Chevenell Webb, a biologist with the Maine Department of Fish and Wildlife, explains that the red fox is an opportunistic predator that can kill domestic cats, but is probably not as common.

The specialist adds that the photo shows a more curious relationship between the two animals.

One night, Carolyn Maddow was able to walk up to the cat and tell from her friendly demeanor that she most likely has a family somewhere.

She was used to feeding him, and the cat visits became more and more frequent.

Her sister then began scrolling through Facebook pages dedicated to missing animals in the region and finally found the right post.

In the post in question, we talked about a cat named Thumper who went missing almost 2 months ago in Old Orchard Beach, a few miles away.

His landlady, Katy Kerry, was planning to move to Utah and temporarily settle in the nearby town of Ocean Park, it was time to finalize the sale of her home and prepare to leave. Arriving at his temporary home, Thumper disappeared.

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