This caring woman went to a shelter to adopt a dog, but something unexpected happened there

This woman had no idea that she would find her dog in a shelter.

The mother had no idea she would find her dog as she scanned the grounds of the pet shelter. She hasn’t heard from him for over 2 years. The reunion was very exciting.

The woman found her dog, which disappeared 2 years ago, in a shelter where she wanted to take another one. It is reported by People on Monday, June 28.

Aisha Nives lives in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Recently, she wanted to adopt a dog for her two sons, and to that end she visited a local shelter, the Lehigh County Animal Society.

Especially her attention was attracted by photographs of a dog. the animal was strangely similar to Kova.

Kovu is her dog, who has not been found anywhere since May 2019. She adopted this Pit Bull/Rottweiler mix when she was a very small 7 week old puppy.

Little did she know that a few weeks later the quadruped was found and turned over to the Lehigh County Animal Society.

Volunteers cured him, and then in October 2019 found him a family.

Unfortunately, his new owners had to return him to the shelter in June 2021 as they were in danger of being evicted from the shelter.

Consequently, Kovu was seen on the list of dogs to be adopted by Aisha Nives, who at first did not want to believe it.

Her doubts were dispelled as soon as she recognized her dog’s distinctive markings, including a scar above one eye. “Oh my God, this is my baby, this is Kovu. She was crying then.”

Calling the association, Aisha Nieves came to the orphanage for a happy reunion. They spent long minutes hugging each other before heading home.

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