This Canadian woman showed everyone how caring her dog is, who always helps take care of her baby

A young Canadian mother has shown how her dog helps her care for her little girl.

Course: ”How a mother taught her dog to collect diapers for a baby.”

A young Canadian mom showed how her dog helps her take care of her little girl. Read the article about how her four-legged friend helps care for her daughter.

A dog named Wrigley has become a real helper for mom from Canada.

When he holds his hand correctly, Wrigley immediately runs to the diaper box.

Then the dog takes a piece of it and brings it to the owner. Thanks to this help, she qualifies her four-legged dog as a good babysitter for her little one.

Dog training has begun

To teach Wrigley how to do this, his owner taught him systematically over several weeks. First he must bring the ball to his wife.

After that, we only began to study diapers. The woman hid them in different places, and Wrigley looked for them and returned them.

This continued until the dog began to perform all actions without errors.

“For each successful attempt, he received a prize. Then she made the task more difficult and began to wear the diaper a little further.

Then I hid them on the couch, in the shelves. Then I started putting the diapers in the box where they should be,” the hostess explained.

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