«They really are very similar to each other»: Reese Witherspoon about the resemblance to her daughter

Unlike other celebrities, Reese does not try to hide her children.

46-year-old Reese Witherspoon-successful Actress and a very influential producer. She is also a happy wife and has many children.

She gave birth to her older children, Ava and Deacon, from colleague Ryan Phillippe. And in 2012, the third child of the star was born, whose father is her current husband James Toy.

Unlike other celebrities, Reese is not trying to hide his children but proudly publishes joint photos. And the most attention is usually attracted by the frames on which she poses with her daughter.

For the past few years, Internet users have been assuring Witherspoon that Ava Phillippe is a twin.

However, not everyone agrees with the overwhelming majority. Some fans of Reese believe that the daughter is much more like a father. And this is less noticeable only due to the fact that there are not so many joint pictures on the network.

Probably, the actress herself adheres to such an opinion. She became a guest on the show «Today», where she said that she did not see many similarities.

«Neither I nor she think that we are so similar as to call us twins», the actress answered with a smile. However, she should be flattering to hear such reviews.

Reese has a great relationship with children. In an interview, she admitted that she always did this without direct instructions on how to behave.

«It’s all about emotional support. In addition, I only offer them options, and I do not order», the actress explained.

Apparently, this method of raising children works very well. Deacon, for example, has already received his first large role in the cinema, and AVA, who is currently studying at college, has already starred in several campaigns.

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