These two neighborhood dogs had become so close that their owners arranged to meet almost every day

These 2 dogs have become famous because of their unique bond.

Their names are Charlie and Peggy and they are inseparable. To keep their friendship going, their owners go on dates almost every day.

Friendship remains a strong emotion that animals, like humans, are well aware of. 2 dogs have become famous on the popular social network TikTok due to their unique bond. Charlie, the Bichon Maltese, and Peggy the pug are best friends.

The souls who touch thousands of Internet users see each other regularly thanks to their families. They agreed to go on several dates in order to spend as much time together as possible.

Friends for life

Charlie looks forward to the arrival of his beloved friend every day. According to Kaylee, her owner’s Maltese is constantly on the lookout for a pug.

The owners of the couple try to arrange meetings as often as possible. When they get together, the dogs play all day.

There is no doubt that Charlie and Peggy still have a lot to go through together. Their wonderful relationship is a source of inspiration and joy every day.

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