These red wolves are on the verge of disappearance, and less than 10 remain in the wild

Red wolf is one of the most endangered animals in the world

People think that less than 10 individuals survive in the wild, they all live in North Carolina.

Despite the fact that these magnificent creatures are at risk of disappearance, they were declared extinct in the wild in 1980.

Unfortunately, the red wolves have not only general characteristics with their brothers from gray wolves, but also the same cruel end.

Therefore, these are wonderful, but extinct creatures.

Which were once a common occurrence in the southeast, sharply decreased, mainly due to human intervention.

So, the last surviving red wolves, which experts decided to kidnap and introduce into the breeding program in 1980, so that their population grew up again.

In truth, it turned out to be a very successful strategy.

Seven years later, eight red wolves-four males and four females-returned to the wilderness of North Carolina.

The Intergovernmental Union of Nature Protection currently classifies this species as the category of disappearance, and only 8-10 red wolves are left.

Nevertheless, there is still a possibility that these magnificent creatures can again be saved from extinction.

What could be the best way to give the universe something special.

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