These Realistic Wooden People Will Fascinate You. Nobody Believes That They Are Not Alive.

Real talents do not tend to fame, they just spread the concept of art through their works.

Talented sculptor Peter Demete was born in Italy. He got his diploma of “maestro sculptor” at university. A year after it the man became popular. He started to be invited to many countries not only for exhibitions, but also as a teacher of sculpturing to high level universities.

As was seen due to his actions, he was not tending to be popular. He stayed at his hometown.

After 10 years one of the best universities in the world managed to persuade him become lecturer of ancient sculpturing.

His works are so unique that it is hard to believe that they are made of wood. They are complicated, realistic and are made with great concentration.

Probably you may think they are real people.

Would you like to be a poser for his sculptures?

Source: Laykni

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