These rare perfume bottles from the last century are now valued as works of art.

Bottles from the last century…

Is it a toy? No. Is it made out of plastic? Yes! What’s on the inside? This is a well-kept mystery that only a few individuals are aware of. These are the last of Avon’s famed ”vehicle line” fragrances, which were only made in small quantities for aficionados. It is a rare artefact, according to the authors of, and buyers are quite interested in it.

It appears like a doll, and it is: the bottle’s capacity is only 150 ml, and the thick plastic takes up the majority of the area. It has a huge red circle with the numeral 8, which represents the remembrance of classic cars with an upright 8-cylinder ”Direct Eight” engine and appears greenish inside the light. This one is based on the perfume’s original box, and it dates from the 1970s.

In the 1960s, the Studebaker automobile brand went out of business, just as cars with strong motors, wide bodywork, and a lot of chrome trim were fashionable. Such supercars were not inexpensive – a bottle of this size only holds 60 ml. Avon has created a special moisturizer for their customers. Rarity.

Wild Country moisturizer is included in one of the tiniest bottles in the series, measuring only 12 cm long and containing less than 50 ml. It is a representation of the nimble and quick Ferrari of 1953. By contemporary standards, it’s a valuable item.

Source: Lemuov

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