These kitchen boards amaze with their design! Women will adore them!

You can create masterpiece from whatever you want or see. Just take the idea add some patience and hard work and the result is ready


You can turn an ordinary cutting board into a work of art, you need to lay out paintings based on Van Gogh and Munch on it. Although there is an easier way – look at the Elysium Woodworks store, which sells a range variety of wood products for the kitchen. Boards that can be purchased here will not leave anyone indifferent – they will definitely bring a smile.

Оригинальные разделочные доски от Elysium Woodworks

A couple works in a Californian shop, they first think over each image on paper, and then burn it on the boards. Among the decoration subjects are all sorts of funny pictures, famous quotes and aphorisms, and even the periodic table of chemical elements. You may probably ask “What does the great chemist have to do with it?”. The answer is right there on the board: ”I use this cutting board occasionally.” In to all of this, here you can buy boards with an individual design, timed with an inscription and an image for any memorable event.

Романтические рисунки на разделочной доске от Elysium WoodworksОригинальная разделочная доска - прекрасный презент

Masters admit that they make boards in the traditional way, which has been around for a 100 years. Products are made of 4 types of trees: maple, white oak, beech and walnut. After engraving, the wood is coated with oil and rubbed with beeswax to have shining finished product. The second side is not varnished to be suitable for using in the kitchen.

Оригинальные разделочные доски выполняются по индивидуальным заказамДоски можно украсить забавным изображением или любимым афоризмом

Would you like to have this kitchen boards? What print would you choose?

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