These Designers Want To Amaze Us! Creative Solutions Are Given To The Simple Things.

You don’t need many things to create something special.

Some designers make such things that you can’t take your eyes off them. These designers must be praised. Amazing works of them are portrayed below.

Memorial to soldiers that didn’t come back

Doggie leaves marks according to the nomination of the cards

The tap with liquid soap is located exactly above the drain – there are no drips

A bottle with inclined neck is much more convenient that the ordinary ones

The hair color on the advertisement board changes during the day

This house is built in 1988 but looks new

A suitcase measures and shows its weight on the handle

Wire management in order not to spoil the sleek monitor design

Amazingly beautiful and functional stairs

Veranda of my dreams

It is easy to get into this keyhole if your hands are shaking or eyes don’t see well.

Igloo hotel in Lapland

Norwegian restaurant, two-thirds of which is under water

What an amazing chair

Elvish cutlery

Emergency exit sign that can be seen from any side

Parrot- opener

Which one do you like more?

Source: Lemurov

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