The Wooden Hand Almost Reaches The Sky. What Symbolism It Has.

Help people who have fallen stand and they will help you grow. This refers not only to people.

Not only people damage the forest but also the nature. Winds and rains make the trees fall. But caring artists gather these fallen trees and make sculptures from them. When the tallest tree in the Wales was damaged the sculptor Simon O’Rourke had an idea to make a sculpture of it.

When the tree was damaged by storm Simon knew from one of his friends that Natural Resources Wales looks for a sculptor to make a sculpture from that tree. He sent his design to the government.

tree hand sculpture

His design was a tree hand sculpture that seems to reach to the sky. He searched information about the forest and knew that it belongs to ‘Giants of Vyrnwy’.

Making a sculpture for such a famous agency was pleasure and a chance for him

The agency was pleased with the meaning of the sculpture, so, they confirmed his project. After being chosen he started to work immediately.

First a scaffold was needed to be built for the sculptor’s safety. It took 2 days from them.

simon orourke woodcarving fallen trees

Then he started his work and the process lasted 6 days.

The client was pleased with his work, as he not only did everything according to the presented project, but also put symbolism in it.

sculptor turns damaged tree into hand sculpture

If you have a wish to get to know the sculptor of this enormous hand you can follow him on social media and see his portfolio.

simon orourke tree hand sculpture

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tree hand wood carving

Source: Instagram , personal website

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