The Transformation Of Baby Carriages Of Old Times. Just Look And Get Nostalgic Mood!

Every thing that is made by people gets updates during the time. Sometimes remembering the first versions of those items awakes cozy and warm memories.

Someone believes that a child should be wrapped in a hundred clothes, fed as if for slaughter, and taken care of in every possible way. Others believe that the Spartan spirit and hardening from the first months is the key to mental and physical health. There is no golden mean, and each era had its own methods and technologies of education.

A sign on the baby carriage “please, don’t kiss me”

A baby in a cage which is out of window in a very high position. let him ventilate

It is not a coffin on the wheels but gas-protective baby carriage. As you can’t wear a gas mask on a child

This is a tricky stroller with the legs that can help you go upstairs

Child seat with steering wheel for the baby to drive the car

One of the first models of baby carriages that have roof against the rain

Hanging cradle for transporting babies in airplanes in 50s

Not a cradle but a piece of art from 1870s

Compare with the modern child seats. Though it matches with the upholstery

A carriage from an old naval mine

Children take sunbathes in a big city

Crib with safety net for children of Empress Elisabeth of Austria

Let’s discuss in the comments which is your favourite from these baby carriages.

Source: Lemurov

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