The sweet dog fell in love with a strawberry toy and couldn’t part with it

An adorable surprise for the store for a sweet puppy 

A cute dog named Melly fell in love with a toy when they were doing shopping with his owner.  He immediately showed his owner, that he wanted it and it became his beloved toy of all times. 

He was inseparable with the toy for a year until it seemed a little shabby. And as his owner was very caring, she began to look for another toy, but soon found out there aren’t such toys available anymore.

She wanted to show her gratitude to Melly for always helping her. Then the woman looked for a toy online. She contacted with the store’s chief from where they first bought the strawberry toy.  

The owner became happy after learning, that he will send two toys for Melly, but she was upset, when she found out the shipment didn’t include what she had promised.

The sweet dog was overjoyed to receive such a gift. Thanks to the store the puppy is extremely happy.

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