The Shocking Ideas Of The Designers. They Make Use Of Everything.

When the thing is not only attractive, but also needed in life, the author of it worths praising.

We always scold the designers for making nonsense. But there are professionals among them who should be praised. They provide usefulness to their creations.

The most convenient spoon- fork

The realization of an old idea

DNT is painted instead of the zebras for passengers.

Earphones are packed in a form of musical notes

A small fountain from which both people and dogs can drink

However, it is practical

Table legs leave cute prints on the rugs

This is a broom brush

The junction of the stairs is beautiful

Thematic prints on the floor of the post office

Original cutlery which are convenient, too

Obvious presentation of the coffee with or without caffeine

The bench in a library symbolizing knowledge

Here is written” no diving “

Parking for bicycles

Funny prints on the cans for shelve arrangement

These design ideas are amazing

Which one do you like more?

Source: Lemurov

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