The Sculpture Of Dragon As The Main Star Of Japanese Festival. Why Some Participants Screamed Of Fear.

Japanese festivals attract the world with their colors and meaning.

The whole world knows about the Japanese Wara Art Festival, where one can see various animal sculptures. One of the Japanese artists created such a dragon sculpture that is realistic and one just waits to see its fly. Japanese festivals are famous for their exuberance and stylishness, various dances and colorful fireworks that are the great manifestations of Japanese culture and art.

japanese dragon sculpture

Almost every city and region has its typical festivals. During one of them a magnificent sculpture made of straw grabbed everyone’s attention.

japanese dragon sculpture shimadakara festival

The author of this enormous sculpture is Ayako. He was inspired by Japanese folklore. The figure of dragon is symbolic for him.

The sculpture was so shockingly realistic that some people even screamed with fear.

japanese dragon sculpture uruma city

Would you like to participate in Japanese festivals? What attracts you more in these festivals?


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