The renovator showed an affordable way to restore even very old furniture to its proper appearance

An affordable way to restore each furniture

Копеечное средство-«спасатель» для деревянной мебели.

Grandma’s chest, a tsarist-era dressing table acquired from a second cousin, or a brand new IKEA table – objects with such disparate histories and pedigrees will almost certainly share anything. ”Battle wounds” and slight harm, for instance. Regardless, a tree is a tree, whether it is a hundred years old or newly bought. However, both a uniqueness and a new thing will provide one inexpensive cure a real good look. It will help get rid without affecting the noble structure of the surface.

Белые пятна на мебели – это следы от непросохшей влаги.

There is almost always at least one white spot on the wood subfloor of most furniture pieces. A cup of hot tea or a damp vase sends an obnoxious ”hello” in the form of muddy circles with indistinct outlines. Moisture penetrates the varnish’s microscopic cracks and initiates a chemical process with it. As a result of not being able to dry, it illuminates each of its specific places.

Реставратор Джошуа Клемент знает, как даже «побитую жизнью» мебель превратить в конфетку.

With such a dilemma on the job, Joshua Clement, a well-known builder and fixer, is always on the Internet. He also offered a very simple solution for removing white markings from hardwood furnishings.

Понадобится любая не гелевая зубная паста.

Joshua only used an ordinary tube of toothpaste. Just one restriction applies: the paste must not have a gel consistency.

Нанесите на пятно, но не втирайте.

The man smeared the glue on top of the moisture stain in a thick layer. You shouldn’t even touch it: the composition’s active abrasives will do their job without it. You only need to wait thirty seconds to a minute for the glue to dry.

Через полминуты-минуту мягкой тканью вытирайте пасту.

Joshua started carefully wiping the glue with a towel less than a couple of minutes later.

Где пятно? Нет пятна!

And this is what I discovered at the stain’s location. Nothing, to be accurate: there was no sign of him left.

On camera, the expert documented the entire procedure of eradicating moisture stains. So now anyone may bring a tired table or bedside table back to life. And without breaking the bank.

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Source: Novate

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