The loyalty of the old dog surprised everyone, which was waiting for the owner at the metro for 12 hours

The dog’s gaze is always directed in the direction where the owner went.

The whole world with a bated breath observes the history of a dog, which is incredibly devoted to its master. It is difficult to believe this, but every day the pet escorts his owner to the metro station and then waits for his return.

Take a look at this wonderful dog. His name is Xiongxiong, which is translated from Chinese and means «Bear».

The parting with the owner of the dog is simply unbearable.

The dog loves his master more than anything. Cheng thought of his whole life! The dog is happy only when its owner is next to him!

The owner of the animal is happy that he has such a faithful dog … Cheng dreams of only one, let his dog be beaten as long as possible!

Amazing dedication, agree?

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